WAHMS.com was designed to provide tools, support & services to others working online. We have been providing leads for several years and our service has been so popular with our clients that we have decided to really begin promoting the service more! By using leads you are leveraging your time by having new people to contact about your business on a daily basis! This service was created so that you can just get up each day and begin working your business without worrying about spending all of your time promoting for people to contact!

  • Opt-In (7 to 30 days old)
  • DNS checked, verified and validated
  • Each lead contains all or most of the following information depending on what the prospect included at the time they completed the form: full name, address, IP, email and date/time stamp.

You are welcome to try this service out and you are free to cancel at anytime! You will continue to receive leads for the remainder of your paid month. We have had members with us for over a year!


You will receive 2,000 Leads each weekday (with the exception of all holidays). You are welcome to use these leads for yourself, share them with your team or resell them if you wish!

This will help you leverage YOUR TIME by having new people to talk to daily for YOUR business!






Notice: You will receive your leads each weekday! No Lead delivery on weekends or all major holidays! Also there are no refunds simply because once we have sent the leads we can no longer get those leads back. However, you are able to cancel at anytime and will be sent leads for the remainder of your paid month. Thank you!